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Living walls are an exciting new form of living art that produce a variety of benefits. They boost the indoor air quality – reducing dust, carbon dioxide, VOCs and other toxins. Adding a living wall to your space makes a bold ‘green design’ statement and can help brand your company as environmentally friendly. Living walls add value to commercial buildings and can earn Green Building credits from Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The Green Thumb can work with any space to design and install a custom living wall of any size.

Wall-Mounted Vertical Plant Systems

Our wall-mounted planter trays hold six inch grow pots and come in a variety of sizes. This system is very easy to work with. It doesn’t require pumps or electricity, and replacements are quick and simple. Installation takes only a few hours, so you can enjoy your new wall by the end of the day.

Living Walls Greeley Colorado
Skylight Bistro
Living wall in an office
Button and crocodyllus ferns, alocasia, hedora ivy, Aglaonema, pothos
Fort Collins
Living wall during installation
Living walls are installed in a few hours
Fort Collins
These units are made of recycled steel and ECO-Fiberglass™
These units are made of recycled steel and ECO-Fiberglass™
Fort Collins

Free standing vertical plants
Six foot tall Plantcase

Free-Standing Vertical Plant Systems

Free standing Plantcases are designed with flexibility in mind. These large structures stand six feet tall, three feet wide, and less than two feet deep on durable wheels - making them a stunning piece of movable art, perfect for any room.

Make a Statement

Our largest living walls are a great way to make your space truly unforgettable. These artistic features have been designed for companies like Twitter and West Elm – and are now available locally in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Their striking beauty will delight customers and employees alike.

Expert Design

Our living walls are carefully designed with plants that work well vertically. We also work with the available lighting to pick out species that will thrive for years. We start the design with our base palette of greens and whites, then layer in silver, pink and red, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your space.

Dedicated Care

All of our living walls come with a closed water system, which helps keep watering times to once a week. Our weekly plant maintenance service will take care of watering, trimming and dusting your living walls, helping them stay fresh and beautiful year-round.


CSU Campus Living Wall

Did You Know?

Plants can make you money! US Census Bureau information shows that plants offer a $14.51 return on investment per 100 square feet every month. Employees are more productive and take fewer sick days.

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