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The Green Thumb brings warmth and life to buildings from Cheyenne to Denver. Adding plants to an office helps put customers at ease. Employees are more productive in a comfortable setting. A well-designed interior landscape projects professionalism and success.

The Green Thumb provides the full package. We design, supply and maintain your office plants, so you can enjoy their natural benefits without getting your hands dirty.

Outdoor container at Foothills Mall


Our skilled team of interior plant designers will develop a unique plan for any space. We work with the existing lighting and environment to provide high quality plants that will thrive for years to come.


Our shop, based in Loveland, Colorado, is fully stocked with plants, containers, and other supplies. We will deliver and install everything right away, without waiting for third party companies and offsite suppliers.


Trained plant techs take care of your investment. They keep your plants healthy and happy with the right amount of water, fertilizer and trimming. They also keep them looking great by dusting and shining every plant that we install.

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Unique Work

We supply high quality tropical interior plants. Our scope of expertise includes: living walls, interior atriums, and four season exterior containers. Contact us today for a free quote.

A Third Generation Plant Company

The Green Thumb was founded nearly 40 years ago, as a small flower shop in the Campus West area of Fort Collins, Colorado. The Hanck family bought it and shifted focus to interior plant care.

Sarah and Dave Ellis took over The Green Thumb in 1997 from Sarah’s parents, Rob and Kathy Hanck. Together, they have expanded the company to include other services such as expert designs, leasing options and outdoor containers.



Green Thumb van by outdoor containers
The Green Thumb team maintains the outdoor containers at the Foothills mall

Fort Collins

Did You Know?

Plant disease can spread very easily – even from something simple, like using the same pruning scissors on multiple plants. Keeping them happy requires a healthy dose of prevention. Let Green Thumb nip any nuisances in the bud – before they become big problems.

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